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1. Shahi Paneer 9.30

Cottage cheese in a tomato- butter- cream sauce

2. Chicken Saag 9.60

Chicken in a spinach- ginger- coconut- cream sauce

3. Lamb Korma 9.60

Lamb & cottage cheese in a tomato- coconut- cream sauce

4. Fish Chili 9.60

Fried pangasius fillets, onions & bell peppers in a spicy tomato- garlic- chili sauce

5. Lunch Mix 10.50

You may choose two dishes from above to create a combined dish

6. Chef Special Vegetables 12.50

Cauliflower, potatoes & cottage cheese in ginger- garlic- curry- cream sauce

7. Tofu Chilli (vegaani) 10.50

Tofu, onions & bell peppers in a spicy tomato- garlic- chili sauce

8. Tofu Chana (vegaani) 10.50

Tofu & chickpeas in a seasoned onion- ginger- cumin- chili sauce

9. Ocra Masala (vegaani) 10.50

Ocra & long beans in a tomato- ginger- onion sauce

10. Saag Aloo (vegaani) 10.50

Potatoes in a spinach- ginger- garlic sauce.

11. Vegetable Korma (vegaani) 10.50

Mixed vegetables in a coconut-cream sauce.

12. Chicken Salad 9.00

Chicken salad and naan-bread

13. Hariyali Salad 8.00

Salad and naan-bread

14. Prawn Salad 9.00

Shrimp salad and naan-bread

Dear customers, all our dishes are available gluten-free and lactose-free. Please ask for gluten-free or lactose-free meal while ordering. Additional information about our food and possible allergens is available from the staff.

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