• Helsinki

  • Lunch

  • Thursday

1. Shahi Roti Paneer (L) 8.90

Finnish bread cheese in tomato- butter- cream sauce

2. Chicken Saag (L) 9.00

Chicken breast fillets in spinach- curry- cream sauce

3. Lamb Korma (L) 9.00

Lamb pieces in tomato- cream- curry sauce

4. Fish Chilli (L) 8.90

Pangasius (fish) fillets and capsicum in onion- tomato- curry sauce

5. Rojeko Khana 10.00

You may choose two items from above to make a single dish

6. Chef Special Lamb (L) 12.50

Lamb pieces in garlic- ginger- coconut- spinach- cream sauce

Dear customers, all our dishes are available gluten-free. (L) means that, the dish is also available lactose-free. Please ask the restaurant staff for additional information about our dishes and possible allergens.

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Medium spicy

Very spicy